"On behalf of the University and for myself, I want to thank you for your fine performance last evening. It had just the right
balance and tone for our series. You are truly artists in the best meaning of the term.... I hope that you continue to use
performances as a means of teaching; you really have it down well."
R. W. Carstens, Professor
Ohio Dominican University

"Your performance finalized our season with rave reviews. The attendance for the event was triple our expectations. We
received many compliments for your music and dance and the school program was done with great approval from Union Scioto
Schools. Your music was very educational to all ages and well liked... a full evening of all types of music from the sad ballads to
the lively songs with Irish step dancing. Thank you for providing our group with a splendid performance."
Tom and Mary Hamsher, Co-Presidents
Chillicothe Area Artist Series, Inc.

"They manage to impart a great deal of fascinating information about Irish folk custom and belief, about Irish folklore and
folklife, without ever seeming didactic.... As a professional folklorist, I continue to be impressed with the scholarship and the
striving for an authentic sound that characterizes this remarkable ensemble."
Daniel R. Barnes, Associate Professor
Department of English, The Ohio State University