During this program, the band combines pub music, ballads, and
haunting sea songs with traditional fiddle tunes and Irish step
dancing - predominantly energetic vocal music seasoned with spry
jigs, reels, and hornpipes along with a breathtaking array of the
steps. Humor, another tradition of the Irish, is incorporated into
many of these richly-told stories in song. This program moves very
quickly and contains something for everyone: songs;
instrumentals; dance; humor; and a bit of history and culture.  The
Cabaret is a light-hearted, interactive program designed to appeal
to the young and old alike.  The duration of this program is ninety
minutes.  It can be performed with or without an intermission.


The Traditional is a program which places more emphasizes on
the instrumental side of the repertoire and also includes some of
the slow, lovely ballads collected by Mr. O'Shea.  The repertoire

ranges from slow airs to lively dance tunes and includes some
seldom heard ballads and intricate step dancing in order to add
variety to the performance. Designed for the more mature
audience, The Traditional can provide variety to a series which
customarily presents classical and jazz programing.  The duration
of this program is ninety minutes.  It is  performed with an


Loosely translated from Gaelic, the term ceili means an Irish
dance party.  In this ceili program, the band introduces absolute
novices to a number of simple Irish dance steps and organizes
couples into groups for long dances and a taste of real Irish fun. 
In addition to the Irish dancing, the band plays a number of
waltzes and slow airs to accommodate those less adventurous
souls who  also want to take part.  Appropriate for casual as well
as semi-formal gatherings, the Celtic Ball, is a good adult mixer
and can be combined with some light entertainment by the band
for a program up to four hours in length.



The history and culture of Ireland are taught through captivating songs and humorous stories. Topics also include immigration to America, the
participation of the Irish in the settlement and development of Ohio, and the involvement of the Irish immigrants in the Civil War. Children are
introduced to Celtic instruments and the relationship between Irish step dancing and the music. Teacher study guides enhance the musical
experience and educational value of the program.


Residency activities range from lectures to group participation in workshops.  The focus of the lecture/demonstration model is an introduction of
Celtic instruments (fiddle, bodhran, penny whistle, Irish flute) and music in an historical setting. Participants are introduced to the musical forms
and instrumental styles which distinguish Irish music from other related types of music.  Also, the different types of Irish dance steps and their
relation to the musical examples are presented in an historical manner. 

In a workshop setting, the musicians teach the techniques that are characteristic of the Irish style to workshop participants who have some prior
familiarity with any of the following instruments: Fiddle; penny whistle; bodhran; or guitar. Simple group dances can be taught to any participant
regardless of prior experience, or more precise steps can be learned by participants with some dance experience.